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Stammering Hurts!

20th Oct 2017
My 20 years as the Education Officer for the British Stammering Association (BSA) has made me aware of just how true that is for all those families affected by stammering. While I do receive enquiries from teachers and therapists the majority of enquirers are parents, devastated by a diagnosis of stammering for which they often blame themselves. Looking into the future they fear for their child’s social and academic development in such a competitive society where communication is seen as a basic skill.

School to School Support

28th Sep 2017
With the move towards a school-led, self-sustaining system of school improvement, it is essential that effective working relationships between settings are cultivated, grown and maintained.

Do you want CPD on writing and public speaking about SEND?

7th Sep 2017
Have you ever thought about publishing an article or speaking publicly? Maybe you want to build your network?

Multi-Site Inclusion: How Can Schools Work Together To Meet Need?

6th Sep 2017
This article was originally published by TES. You can read the original here. In their latest pupil number projections, the DfE indicated that they expect there to be an increase in Special School places of 13,000 over the period 2017 to 2026, reflecting an upward trend in the Special Schools population of 29% since 2007.

Autism in Venice - and Education

6th Sep 2017
I post a lot about the successes and achievements of Kipper, now age 10. Many of which Kipper’s Dad and I have taken most of the responsibility for, until recently, when we now include his school. This blog is different. This is where I give a snap-shot of two hours taken from a trip of a lifetime and the impact autism can have.

The TA Review challenging schools to improve their TA Deployment

30th Jun 2017
English schools spend nearly £5 billion a year on teaching assistants. They are the number one pupil premium spend, and are highly valued by teachers and parents as a vital part of the support network for children with SEND. 

The grateful SEND Parent and a cup of tea

26th Jun 2017
Yesterday I learned that my 10 yr old autistic son, who attends an ASD resource base in a primary mainstream school, has been selected to be next year’s Leader of the School Orchestra. This is wonderful news for his confidence and self-esteem; it’s wonderful for us as his proud parents, too; and it’s a true testament to the inclusive nature of the school he attends. When I first heard the news from his teacher, I was in tears.

A very warm welcome to Simon Knight!

12th Jun 2017
  We are delighted to announce the appointment of Simon Knight as Director of Whole School SEND!       

An update from Whole School SEND partners

25th May 2017
Maximising the Impact of Teaching Assistants A massive thank you to all of those who expressed an interest in the MITA project. We have now recruited more than 100 participant schools and 23 fantastic TA Reviewers. The project is set to be the most comprehensive of its kind and we are very excited for the year ahead.

Sifting through noise

27th Mar 2017
One of my highlights at the Whole School SEND Summit in February was meeting a deaf parent and her signer. Because the event was being staged at large round tables, with acres of bright windows facing Gallions Point Marina and the London City Airport, unsupported lip-reading would have been impossible: signing provided the parent with essential support to enable her participation. Without it, we would have lost one of the most perceptive and challenging contributions of the day.