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Are we doing enough to inform students about the importance of looking after their hearing?

26th Oct 2017
“It doesn’t matter to me if I lose my hearing when I’m old, by that time ‘they’ would have developed a cure for hearing loss” claimed a friend’s son recently when she pleaded with him to turn the music on his earphones down, ah the confidence of youth.

Making SENSE of claims about inclusion

30th Jun 2017
Today Whole School SEND partners MITA launched the SEN in Secondary Education (SENSE) study report, describing the educational experiences of 49 pupils with Statements or Education, Health and Care Plans (EHCPs) in mainstream secondary schools.


27th Jun 2017
Following the success of the initial randomised control trial sponsored by the Education Endowment Foundation, Rosendale Primary School is now carrying out a whole school efficacy trial of ReflectED. Why?

Maximising the Impact of Teaching Assistants

7th Apr 2017
  "At last week’s launch of the UCL Centre for Inclusive Education, Rob Webster compared the size of the Teaching Assistant workforce in the UK to the population of Leicester with the clear comparison to the impact that this particular underdog had on last year’s Premier League...".

"SEND learners are airbrushed from policy"

23rd Mar 2017
Today marks the launch of The Driver Youth Trust’s Through the Looking Glass report. This piece from Director and Whole School SEND Steering Group member Chris Rossiter explains it is important.

Literacy for all?

20th Mar 2017
The Driver Youth Trust’s Through the Looking Glass report launches this week, March 23rd. This piece from Anita Kerwin-Nye marks the occasion, discussing inclusion and what it means for literacy campaigns.